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Evelyn Stewart is the lead tutor and senior director for EDS Training Ltd. Evelyn has a long career working in the field of paediatric sleep, and was the Senior Paediatric Sleep Practitioner within a specialist NHS hospital based sleep disorder service for nearly nine years, where she managed a team of specialist sleep practitioners. In addition to this, Evelyn has taught on the subject of paediatric sleep, both nationally and internationally, and has had the privilege of teaching health and child care professionals at all levels. Prior to working in paediatric sleep, Evelyn was the Specialist Behavioural Advisor within a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service and was part of the ADHD team.

Evelyn has worked both privately, and within the NHS, to help 100s of families of children aged 6 months – 16 years, including children with complex needs, to solve sleep problems.

Evelyn is a member of the British Sleep Society, The International Paediatric Sleep Association and The World Sleep Society.

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