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Sleep Training for Professionals

Teacher with Pupils


There is now overwhelming evidence that poor sleep habits have a serious negative impact on a child's ability to learn.

So, what can be done?

Preschool Class

Evelyn Stewart, Kirsty Vant and Jenni Bumstead have had the pleasure of delivering talks, both in person and remotely, to parents, staff and students on topics such as The Importance of Sleep for Learning in Young Children, and Learning, Sleep and the Adolescent Brain as well as Sleep Education for Key Stage Two.


Evelyn has been invited to give these talks at many LEA and independent schools and colleges all over the country, including Sherborne Independent School in Dorset, The Pilgrims School in Winchester, Esher Church School, Churchers College in Chichester, Eagle House School at Sandhurst, Wellington College, Portsmouth High School and Wimbledon High School, Norland College and Chiltern College, Brighton High School and Sutton High School, Lady Eleanor Holles School to name just a few.

Evelyn has also been invited to talk at a number of national conferences as well deliver talks for charities working with disadvantaged children.

Young Businesswomen


Bespoke workshops, talks and information days can be created to meet the needs of individual school, colleges and charities . Sessions can be booked for half days, full days and/or evenings.

These sessions will of course vary in content according to need but generally we would cover topics from the list below.

Young Painter


Costs may vary according to your needs and the distance that we need to travel to come to you.


Half day in person sessions start at £625 and full day sessions start at £995.

Remote sessions start at £375 


Dates can be limited and we therefore advice that you contact us well in advance of any events that you are planning.

  • What is Normal Sleep - a little bit of sleep science

  • How Much Sleep Do We Actually Need - is it really that serious if we get it wrong?

  • How is Sleep Linked to Learning and What is the Fallout When Things Go Wrong

  • Sleep for Health and Development

  • Are Adolescents a Special Case and if so Why?

  • Common Sleep Problems Across the Age Ranges

  • How Can we Improve the Sleep of our Children and Young People

  • Sleep, IT and Screens

If you would like us to cover something that is not on the list please discuss this with us.

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