Sleep Update Day

What is a Sleep Update Day?

Our Sleep Update Days are designed to help those who are working in the world of paediatric sleep remain up to date with the latest research, discuss complex cases, exchange ideas and meet other professionals working in the same field

5th October 2020 in Guilford 

More details to follow shortly

Who are theses courses for? 

These courses can be attended by anyone who has already completed a face to face intensive 3-5 day paediatric sleep training course or one of our Sleep Training for Psychologists course. You will be asked which courses you have previously attended and when on your application form. If you have not attended such a course but would like to do so please look at our 3 day Paediatric Sleep Training Course for Professionals

How often are these course? 

These are annual courses and will run in the autumn each year

Our next course will be on the 5th October 2020.


£110. Cost includes lunch, and tea and coffee throughout the day and on site parking.


Holiday Inn

Egerton Road



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Sleep Update Day October 2019 

Some of the topics we covered

  • Sleep and Trauma
  • Sleep and Postnatal Depression
  • Models of Working (to included discussions on "what should I charge", "what does a good sleep programmes look like"?, Safeguarding, Lone Working, Data Protection etc.

Case Studies included:

  • Sleep in a child who has suffered trauma
  • Sleep advice for a mother following a traumatic birth 

Reviewed Latest Research on:

  • The use of CBD for the treatment of Adult Insomnia
  • Latest gadgets and what happens to the data
  • Latest news on the availability of slow release melatonin for children
  • To sleep train or not to sleep train
  • Sleep regression - is it real?
  • Melatonin and colic
  • Virtual games and nightmares
  • Poor sleep and risk taking sexual behaviour in teens

Sleep Update Day October 2018

Some of the questions we looked at were;

 “Does feeding babies solids before 6 months of age improve sleep”, and “are too many babies overfed”, and if so where does that leave parents?

Is ADHD just a sleep disorder?

Does a massaged-based bedtime routine improve sleep for babies/ children and mothers?

How does thermoregulation in babies and children with complex needs affect sleep?

IT media use versus books at 3 years of age, how does it impact on sleep?

Can early sleep problems increase the risk of Chronic Fatigue in adolescence?

Should we follow France’s lead and teach sleep education to 8 year olds in school?

Can what we smell affect the content of our dreams?

We also;

  • Had a psychologist come to speak on the subject of “Sleep and Anxiety”
  • Looked at 2 cases studies 1. for a child with anxiety and 2. for an anxious mother
  • Looked at The Smart Crib, and discussed if we as sleep practitioners would recommend its use or not.
  • Had a demonstration from Creative Care on the use of Safe Sleep Spaces for children with additional needs
  • Brainstormed “How to develop business opportunities”