Sleep Update Day

What is a Sleep Update Day?

Our Sleep Update Days are designed to help those who are working in the world of peadiatric sleep remain up to date with the latest research, discuss complex cases, exchange ideas and meet other professionals working in the same field.

Friday 7th October 



(includes 3 course lunch at the multi-award winning Chesil Rectory restaurant)

Who are theses courses for? 

Our Sleep Update Days are for professionals who have completed sleep training and are wanting to learn more about, and discuss, recent research, hot topics and complex case studies

How often are these course? 

These are annual courses and will run in the autumn each year

Our next course will be in 7th October 2022.


£155 (includes 3 course lunch) 



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Here are some of the topics and research we discussed in pervious Sleep Update Days. 

Previous Sleep Update Days

Some of the questions we have asked;

 “Does feeding babies solids before 6 months of age improve sleep”, and “are too many babies overfed”, and if so where does that leave parents?

Is ADHD just a sleep disorder?

Does a massaged-based bedtime routine improve sleep for babies/ children and mothers?

Maternal sleep positions in the final trimester and the increased risk of stillbirth

Using social media to promote your business.

Delaying the start of the school day for adolescents -separating the facts from fiction

How does thermoregulation in babies and children with complex needs affect sleep?

IT media use versus books at 3 years of age, how does it impact on sleep?

Can early sleep problems increase the risk of Chronic Fatigue in adolescence?

How does trauma affect sleep and how can it be managed

Sleep and COVID19

Should we follow France’s lead and teach sleep education to 8 year olds in school?

Can what we smell affect the content of our dreams?

Sleep regression - is it a thing?

What is the link between melatonin and colic?

Tears not fears - redefining crying

How sleep impacts on everyday emotions - what does recent research tells us?

We  have also;

  • Had our team member psychologist speak on the subject of “Sleep and Anxiety” and "Sleep and Attachment"
  • Looked at The Smart Crib, and discussed if we as sleep practitioners would recommend its use or not.
  • Had a demonstration from Creative Care on the use of Safe Sleep Spaces for children with additional needs
  • Brainstormed “How to develop business opportunities”
  • Discussed different models of working and fees charged 
  • Discussed the growing use of CBD products and sleep
  • Discussed poor sleep and sexual risk taking behaviour in teens
  • Looked at research into sleep and the use of white noise in infants.

    Sleep and attachment
  • Interventions to support adolescents to develop healthy sleep behaviours
  • Group parent training interventions for parents of children with ADHD/ASD