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Portrait of a Woman

"I cant recommend this course highly enough, it was exceptional"



Sleeping Baby

"I found these last three days so interesting, you had my full attention from the start, I was captivated throughout"



Happy Woman

"I loved this course so much. Not only did I feel that we were being taught by competent, experienced people who had the latest and most up to date information, they also showed a comprehensive and sympathetic understanding of the reality that the parents and other family members are going thorough which leads to a more holistic approach ensuring everyone’s needs are taken in to consideration.


The course itself was well structured and very interesting. My poor brain did sometimes complain towards the end of the three days, but it was well worth the effort, plus meeting, and being able to work with so many interesting and dedicated people on the course was inspirational, and helped pull everything together and make sense.

I would highly recommend this course for anyone with a serious interest in offering sleep advice to children or families. I don’t believe a more thorough and comprehensive course exists in this country"


Kid Playing with Bubble

"The course was one of the most useful pieces of training I have attended in 20 years of working with children and families in various roles. Not only was it fascinating, but it gave me everything I needed to start working more effectively with sleep difficulties from the very next day, and that is exactly what I did. I would not hesitate to recommend this training to other educational psychologists."



Smiling woman



"My friend had been on a previous course and told me how amazing it was, and I was like yeah sure , I want to go but can it really be THAT different from other courses.

Half way through day one you had already blown my mind!. It is the first course I have ever been on where my mind didn’t wander once I was so excited every morning for what we were going to learn and found all of it fascinating.

Quiet simply you delivered the best course I have ever attended and if anyone working with children and sleep is serious about their career they must attend this course."


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