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Psychologist for Children


Our Paediatric Sleep Training for Psychologists course has been based on our very popular Paediatric Sleep Training for Professionals course, but has been tailored to better meet the needs of Psychologists. We have added units such as Sleep and Trauma and Sleep and Anxiety and included cases studies that are typical of cases Psychologists are likely to come across in their daily work. 


The course takes a comprehensive look at both common sleep problems, as well as more complex sleep problems in the paediatric population as well as the sleep management approaches needed to address these sleep problems.


The course is available online and can be started at any time. Units are pre-recorded so that you can complete the course at a time suits you. The course is open to all Psychologists currently working with children, whether working privately, for a statutory organisation or a charity. 

The course is evidence based and all research is fully referenced so that learners have the opportunity to further expand their knowledge.


In the course we cover sleep problems in children aged 6 months to 16 years, but also look at the development of sleep from birth. The course content includes sleep problems in both typically developing children as well as children with complex additional needs.

Completion of this course enables access onto our Level Six Online OCN Accredited

Advanced Sleep Training Course - Moving Theory into Practice





Learners will have access to the course for four weeks and the course can be started at any time.

The course is evidence based and research references are provided throughout.


The course is open to all psychologists currently working with babies, young children, adolescents and their families.


The course content covers children aged 6 months - 16 years and includes children with additional needs.

The course requires 15 hours study time

Teacher and Pupil
Online Meeting



Impact of Sleep  Problems

The Science of Sleep

Behavioural Sleep Disorders

"Need to Know" Sleep Disorders

ADHD and Sleep

Behavioural Interventions

Sleep Resources

Sleep and Trauma

ASD and Sleep

Sleep and Anxiety

What Makes a Good Sleep Assessment?

Creating Sleep Programmes for Families

Case Studies

Please contact Evelyn Stewart on (0044) 07599 412377 if you have any questions, or to request an application form please email us at



Child Psycholgist
  • Understand the importance of healthy sleep on growth, development and learning.


  • Be knowledgeable on how to advise parents and young people on how to instil healthy sleep habits.


  • Be knowledgeable in the identification of common paediatric sleep disorders.


  • Understand how to create an individual sleep action plan and support parents in addressing behavioural sleep issues, and tailor this plan to the individual needs of the family, taking into account parenting style preferences.


  • Be able to recognise the possible symptoms of the less common sleep disorders.

  • Know when to refer a child to a specialist sleep service.

The course available online at anytime




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