Sleep Training for Psychologists

Psychologist can choose between attending one of our full three day Paediatric Sleep Training for Professional courses  in October 2019 or in March 2020 or one of the courses as described below.

30th June and 1st July 2020  in Bristol -  will be rescheduled into the spring of 2021

9th and 10th June 2021  October in London


Course Content Day One

Impact of Sleep problems

The Science of Sleep

Behavioural Sleep Disorders

"Need to Know" Sleep Disorders

ADHD and Sleep

Behavioural Interventions

Sleep Resources

Course Content Day Two

Sleep and Trauma

ASD and Sleep

What Makes a Good Sleep Assessment?

Creating Sleep Programmes for Families

These courses are commissioned course and therefore bookings are made directly with the organisers.

If you would like to attend the Liverpool course please contact Jenny Dutton at [email protected]

For June in Bristol please contact Evelyn Stewart at [email protected] 

For October in London please contact Lucy Robertson at [email protected]

Or you can click the red button opposite and we will forward your email for you

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